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Q: What is Centelus.com? Top of Page

A: Centelus is an informarmational retrieval database of cellular phone numbers and cell phone records. We are backed by one of the largest public and private record database services wordlwide. Our services are the same ones used by private investigators and law enforcement.

Q: Where can I find my Login and Password? Top of Page

A: In case you cannot find or remember your login information, visit this link and enter your receipt number. You may be required to setup a new login id.

Q: What is my receipt number? Top of Page

A: Our checkout is run and protected by Clickbank.com, a trusted and secure payment processing company. An email address is required during the checkout process which is used to send account information and order receipt. Your order/receipt number can also be found when you login displayed on the “My Orders” page.

Q: What information is available in a reverse phone number report? Top of Page

A: Billing full name and address, phone service provideror cell phone carrier, and all types of other public records, court records, property records, marriage records, life records and all types of other information except financial and credit reports, medical records, driving records, employment history, social security records and other non-public records and information.

Q: What if my search results or inaccurate or outdated? Top of Page

A: CENTELUS does not verify or guarantee the accuracy of cell phone numbers and phone number records. However, your search comes with 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your phone record search results..

Q: What countries can I lookup cell phone numbers in? Top of Page

A: Primarily the Uhited States and Canada

Q: Is your service subscription based? Top of Page

A: We do not support the practice of subscription based automatic re-billing. You will only be charged once per checkout.

Q: How current is your data? Top of Page

A: Our phone records and cell phone numbers come from a wide range of resources and third-party public records sources. Although we strive to provide accurate up-to-date information, we cannot control or guarantee availability or accuracy.

Q: What is meant by "unlimited" access? Top of Page

A: The “unlimited” search access option gives you unlimited search access for 1 calandar year.

Q: Do you provide phone call history records? Top of Page

A: The U.S. laws prohibit the sale of this information. We can only provide phone service company information, subscriber’s full name, address, and some other additional information not including access to other public records searched by name.

Q: Is my search confidential? Top of Page

A: Your searched are 100% confidential and will not be shared with any third-parties.

Q: Can I remove my information from the database? Top of Page

A: Yes, you have the option to remove any of your information found in the database at your request.


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